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FileMaker 12 from the start.

EscleMac is a FileMaker 12 solution. The proyect began already using the new FileMaker 12 format.

EscleMac gets advantage of the new technologies present in FileMaker 12 like the roll over effect and the new integrated charts.

User Experience.

EscleMac's User Experience is based upon the most intuitive and simple websites of the moment.

There is no need to read a user manual to use it.

User Interface is uniform all across the solution. No floating or popup window. Nor even a dialog box.

It shows completely clear, intuitive and predictable.

To get this goals accomplished we developed an exhaustive work on paper first. This work supposed a previous period that was longer than the coding and design on FileMaker itself.

Multiple Sclerosis.

EscleMac is currently used on the Investigation of the Effectiveness of the various Multiple Sclerosis Treatments.

Data from various medical centers are being analyzed for a better comprehension about Treatments and Conditions in Sclerosis Multiple cases.

The idea arose first at the Hospital General de Alicante and its use extends to more Hospitals in the Province.

In Collaboration with Dr. Angel Pérez Sempere, Neurologist from the Universitary General Hospital of Alicante, in order to improve the Assistance and promote joint research in different Hospitals from Alicante's province, among them, the Hospital Vega Baja from Orihuela.

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