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Are you sick & tired of Microsoft Windows?

Viruses viruses and more viruses. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software that makes the computer very slow and eventually kills the computer

The fact you have to be so careful what websites you go to, the constant updates, it keeps phoning home to verify itself and make itself “Genuine”, it constantly gets slower and slower so you have to keep calling out computer people to “fix” it.  Of course, Windows is designed to be like this to forcé you to upgrade to  the latest versión, and forcé you to buy a new computer

Now all copies of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 will be forced to upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows 10 is a Operating System in confusión, it does not know if it´s a Tablet OS or a desktop OS and it´s designed for children.  It has many spying technologies built in, and now even has advertisements on the login screen

You don’t have to suffer this anymore, there is a FREE Operating System for your PC called Ubuntu/Xubuntu, its a Linux system so it’s solid, secure and very fast because it does not suffer from useless bloated code.  All you pay for is the time to switch your computer from Windows to Ubuntu

Yes it browses the web,  email, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, desktop publishing, graphics, image manipulation, music, video editing, recording DVD’s, downloading audio/video, file sharing, WiFi, Bluetooth, and yes you can open and edit documents from Windows (Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc..)

The majority of the applications for Ubuntu are totally free.  Everything you need for everyday working or entertainment are free.  There is no end user license agreement because the Operating System is Open Source

Xubuntu connects to Windows or Mac shares on the network, prints to your existing printers, it has Remote Desktop software for RDC/ARD /VNC connections

Make the switch, liberate your PC from Microsoft´s control.  Xubuntu can be installed on PC´s up to 10 years old, a simple test is run on the PC to be certain all hardware is supported

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